The Latest Projects - Nature Journal Embellishments

The Latest Projects - Nature Journal Embellishments

I recently made a few videos to show some embellishments I was creating for a nature journal I'm working on. 

First I made page tab clusters and my main goal was to incorporate some pressed leaves into the project. 

Next, I wanted to recycle some packaging and clothing tags into pockets and tuck spots. 

I really enjoy the process of gathering items and making them work together. I hope you're inspired to try these out!

Debbie xo


thank u so much for sharing your process on tab clusters, tuck spots & pockets. I have been a collector of ’stuff’’ for years & this will give me the perfect opportunity to display some of the little bits that can get lost in the shuffle.
my fellow crafter’s use to make fun of me for saving my pretty packaging from various manufacturers, but now it is all the rave to re-purpose it:)


Debbie – Thank you so much for your inspiration… I watched both of your videos “clusters” and “tuck spots” and just loved them both. I love how they enhanced my junk journal. Such a pleasure watching you at work, can’t wait for your next one!

Gloria Moran

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