EVG Summer Update :)

EVG Summer Update :)

Hi everyone! Summer is here and I'm so ready to spend more time outdoors. My mister's work schedule changes at this time every year, and we've decided to tackle a few backyard projects that we've been putting off. I'll still be here doing what I do, but not as much of it! 

Here's what's new at EVG:

1) I'm offering a final six-month membership to the Garden Club for anyone interested in joining. This offer will only be available until June 30. Then, the club will be closed for good to new members. Club goodies and discounts will continue for all current members until memberships expire. I never imagined it would be such a hit and I'm truly grateful that so many of you who joined. After a 2-year run, I feel it's time to explore new possibilities and projects! 

2) There's a new rewards program in place in the store. You can earn points on every dollar you spend, plus additional points for following EVG on Facebook, Instagram and more. If you're currently a customer, just sign in and click on 'EVG Rewards' to see how you can earn and redeem your points. If you don't have an account here yet, just create one and you can start earning right away.

3) EVG freebies are now available in one place, here in the store. No more scrolling through old blog posts! You can add favourites from the past 6 years in your shopping cart and return to download them anytime you like.

I thank you all so much for the support and making EVG possible. It means so much to me!

I hope to see you all back here soon,

Debbie xo



Enjoy your summer doll. And, A deep thank you for your email updates and sharing projects from you and others. I deeply appreciate the talents, designs and everyone’s great spirit. Bless you and your family doll.

Carolyn Vega

Your freebies are fabulous and the new system works great. Thanks so much! Blessings to you in your garden…

Susan King

Thank you Debbie, you are so generous. I just love your work. I love the new Freebie setup.
Jen :D

Jen Stephens

Thank you for sharing! Enjoy the outdoors. ?

Debbie Odle

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