EVG Garden Club NEWS!

EVG Garden Club NEWS!

I have some really exciting news!
After months of reflection and planning, I've decided to re-launch the EVG Garden Club. The first club was something I loved offering and I've been hearing from followers asking me to bring it back, so it feels like the right thing to do!
I've chosen Patreon as the platform because it's a fully functional site where I don't need to handle any of the maintenance and admin duties that took up so much of my time on the first Garden Club membership site. Instead I can focus all my energy on giving you more of what you want.
What I also love about Patreon is that you can choose a level of membership that suits you best. And believe me when I tell you this is not money you donate for nothing in return. I plan to earn every cent by offering an assortment of goodies and benefits based on the tier you join at.
Benefits include:

  • a monthly digi
  • free access to new digi collections
  • exclusive website and Etsy discounts
  • a chance to see what happens behind the scenes at EVG
  • tips for sellers
  • YouTube shoutouts for those who want to promote their journals
  • sharing and chats
  • a chance to request and vote for exclusive tutorials
and more!
Another great thing about joining is that you can upgrade or cancel anytime. Get the benefits during the months you're a member and then simply join again whenever you want.
I just launched it this week so benefits will begin by the end of the month. There's a bonus printable included for early birds, so make sure you join before August 23rd to get yours!
I've got great things planned for us. I'm truly grateful for your support and encouragement over the years and I'll continue to give you the best of me on this creative journey, if you want to tag along. Thank you so much, and I hope to see you there,
Debbie-Anne xo
p.s. In case you're wondering, it's still business as usual on social media, the website and Etsy. The Patreon club is just my way of providing additional, exclusive content for anyone who wants more of Ephemera's Vintage Garden.


I loved the Garden Club as well. I look forward to all the goodies.

Judy Roy

I’m so excited to be back in your club!! Looking forward to what you share with us.

Debbie Borthwick

I was part of garden club rt b4 you stopped offering-who doesn’t love surprise digis every month-so Happy you are offering again!


Great! Just joined and look forward to seeing all the surprises and learning more about this fun craft.

Jamie Kimbrough

Good for you! I loved the Garden Club and plan to check out the new one right away.

Linda Fowler Johnston

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